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"If you want to go fast, go alone;
If you want to go far, go together."

- African proverb.

Tangible inventions require certain basic minimum infrastructural support such as laboratories, workshop, etc. for its creators, and TreeLabs can fill this vital gap.

The core goal is to create a lab that can sustain and grow on its own, and with the focus to nurture inventions.

TreeLabs believes that inventing is step by step algorithmic process which can be taught.

TreeLabs also intends to be the 'GNU-Linux' in the inventions domain.
TreeLabs spawns a multitude of companies and other business organizations from its core inventions. The daughter companies are owned and run by separate teams, with TreeLabs retaining minority interest in each of them.

An eco-system of a growing network of daughter companies with a common supporting inventing center (TreeLabs) would be a formidable combination. Such a model will create wide-spread revolution in entrepreneurship.

Treelabs is structured as a foundation. Revenue from the daughter companies and contract research will allow the "Commons" to enable creation of tangible infrastructure.

TreeLabs not only creates inventions internally, but would also attract participation by external inventors and entrepreneurs.

A general rule is that anyone associated with the lab who contributes to a particular company in a meaningful and significant way, would get shares or other rewards for their part in the whole action.

Why Treelabs?
- Create tangible wealth in the "commons".

- Nurture core inventions which can have widespread applications.

- Enable core technologies leading to a multitude of application verticals.

- Capitalize on the power of "commons" to create core technologies.

- Facilitate product / prototype fabrication for individuals and start-ups.

- Provide companies with continued access to the R&D infrastructure, to refine products and technologies.

- Startup survival enhanced through networking (funding, markets, people, etc.).

- Teach that inventions and entrepreneurship is a step-by-step algorithm

- Encourage yearners at all levels, including school-kids.


Where inventions germinate

TreeLabs is an 'inventions factory' to nurture and encourage inventors and innovations, leading to entrepreneurship:

T hink Simple - Simple ideas lead to dramatic inventions.
R esearch - Step by step perseverance
E nable - Wealth creation through entrepreneurship
E volve - Freedom to evolve
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