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Treelabs started as a concept in March 2009. A few companies have already started, and are currently at various stages of their startup phase. IIT-Bombay has started supporting TreeLabs with some infrastructure. A functional lab has been set up in N5-bay of Electrical Engineering Department of IIT-B.

Collaborative projects have also been initiated with large corporations.

Specifically, TREELABS has initiated work in the following areas:

  1. Solar Thermal Energy Collection
  2. Electrical Power Measurement
  3. Queue Management System
  4. Networked Programmable Moduler Instruments

There are several ideas and inventions that are in the pipeline:

  1. High Efficiency Fluorescent Lamp
  2. Accurate Measurement of distance/ Speed of Light
  3. Low Cost CNC Machines
  4. Increasing Warehousing Efficiency
  5. Information encoding in images
There are many other ideas on the Treelabs roadmap. These products and or inventions, may have far-reaching impact on society at large.

Where inventions germinate

TreeLabs is an 'inventions factory' to nurture and encourage inventors and innovations, leading to entrepreneurship:

T hink Simple - Simple ideas lead to dramatic inventions.
R esearch - Step by step perseverance
E nable - Wealth creation through entrepreneurship
E volve - Freedom to evolve
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