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High Efficiency Lamp ("Lampo") : This Lamp was a finalist in the '10 Great Idea' competition from IIT Bombay "as an Idea of today that may shape the reality of the future". The Lampo is more than two times better in energy efficiency as compared to white LED based lamps.

Click-Click : ("Bridging the Digital Divide"): "... will bring into reality a dream of setting up a 'Knowledge Bridge' within the Indian Rural areas which have been struggling with problems like electricity load shading, poor internet connectivity, lack of funds ..." 'Check the article in Loksatta (Marathi Daily) dt. 3rd April 2010'

Where inventions germinate

TreeLabs is an 'inventions factory' to nurture and encourage inventors and innovations, leading to entrepreneurship:

T hink Simple - Simple ideas lead to dramatic inventions.
R esearch - Step by step perseverance
E nable - Wealth creation through entrepreneurship
E volve - Freedom to evolve
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